Lookie what we got...two new babies born the 12th and 18th of May 2009! A palomino filly, Krila's Lotus Flower (Whippoorwill Touchstone x Gold Cross Sun Flower) and a black colt Krila's Valorous Onyx (Triple S Goldust Correll x Whippoorwill Melodrama). Please click on thier names to go to their pages. Thanks for checking these kids out. I know our golden puppies think they were pretty neat.


Krila's Valorous Onyx

(Triple S Goldust Correll x Whippoorwill Melodrama)
Born 18 May 2009
Black colt

As this young colts name tells you this colt is bold, extremely friendly, brave and very handsome. This colt should mature, we feel, to at least 15 h. His dam, Melodrama is 15 h at three years of age. This colt has all sort of potential…the sky is the limit--a sport horses, trail horse, stallion for your mares and will be a pal for anyone who wants to buy him.




(Whippoorwill Touchstone x Gold Cross Sun Flower)
Born 12 May 2009
Palomino Filly

Lotus is the second foal by Whippoorwill Touchstone. Once again we are very happy with this cross. Lotus has a beautiful head, nice solid compact conformation, athletic and kind personality. We are are keeping Lotus for our broodmare band. She is everything we had hoped for with this cross. She is maturing into a beautiful young filly, just like her sister by blood, Trinket.